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In  2019, while teaching a mindfulness course, we noticed that some people could not find even 10 minutes in a day for a simple meditation practice. In response to this quandary—people interested in mindfulness but unwilling to take the time to practice—we searched for a solution.

As mindfulness teachers and healthcare professionals, we were curious to know if people could experience the benefits of mindfulness without having to spend the time in a formal practice. We created  a simple, easy, and self sustaining practice that we call the A.W.E Method.

Our model has been clinically tested and proven to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve overall well-being, connectedness, generosity, and happiness. We are currently collaborating with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center researching the effectiveness of the A.W.E. Method in two large intervention studies with hundreds of primary patients, hospital staff, and healthcare providers on the frontlines treating COVID-19.

Jake Eagle, LPC

Jake was a licensed mental health counselor for the past twenty-seven years, and now practices as a meta-therapist, exploring what comes after therapy. Although Jake recognizes the value of therapy, he also recognizes the limitations, and has developed a method that accelerates and simplifies the process of personal growth. Individuals and couples can experience his work in live sessions or via a digital-platform.

Jake is the author of Get Weird, Make the Most of Your Life, and co-founder of liveconscious.com, a community of people practicing skills for living and loving more consciously.


Michael Amster, MD

Michael is a San Francisco Bay Area-based physician and faculty member at Touro School of Medicine. As a pain management specialist, Michael is keenly aware of the integration of mind, body, and spirit and the effects of physical and psychospiritual pain on health and well-being.

Michael is a student of meditation for over 30 years, as well as a certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher trained at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Michael is also the founder of an organization dedicated to health care professional wellness and can be reached at michael@nullmichaelamstermd.com.


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